If the world stops for me

15 Aug

Imagine we could stop time just for a few seconds, maybe an hour or more. What would you do? If it stopped for me, I think I would try and make up for all my mistakes by erasing them and having a clean slate. The only question is after this, what good will be there if everyone loves you, because your good and have a clean slate. You would be liked by all, have no enemies. Sometimes I think God knows how he arranged the world. There a balance between Good and Evil. And this is evident in William Shakespeare’s plays. In all the plays he wrote, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello and Twelfth night. He always kept a disparity  between Good and Evil by involving Good and Evil characters through the actors and the setting. He made it seem as though it was the balance for the world to operate. We keep our loved ones away from harm (evil). We work so that we can pay the bills, maintain your lifestyle. We all want to avoid evil one way of the other, but sometimes I think evil exists to make the good shine.

If I could erase all my evil deeds, would that make me better than you? or would I be like “Jesus”, perfect in the eyes of man and God. Good and evil exists to remind us of where we are going. Adam and Eve’s story if you believe that is our human origin, committed and evil act by eating the fruit which opened them up to their nakedness and their shame. So God punished us, by making Man work to earn his daily bread and Woman the pain of childbirth. Let’s just imagine this didn’t happen for instance, that there would be no Evil. We would be living in paradise. A paradise of good and happiness. So the question of good and evil should all be blamed on our forefathers Adam and Eve. If they hadn’t screwed up, the whole world would be in good, we would be naked and eating fruits in the paradise of God.

Just think about is for a second. Can you really change time, by erasing your evil deeds if time stopped. I think if you change the order of things, your future becomes totally different. I think our mistakes/evil deeds shape us to became better and stronger people so we should embrace life as it is.


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