All african, all natural

19 Jun

Let me start of by saying it’s an emotional journey that I have begun today. We never get to appreciate what we have till we loose it. As a child I hated my natural hair because it was so painful to go to the saloon. The endless “breaking of the comb”, the smoke from the hair dryers. I could feel the strain of the machine trying to make my hair straight. So then came “the relaxer”. The time I started I was in class 3. I was about 8 years old. My mum was tired of my endless tears and pain every time I went to the saloon so she relaxed my hair.

It was fun in the start untill we had swimming lessons and the endless trips to set your hair in the saloon. You can imaging for a child, all you want is play not run stay still in a hair dryer. Anyway time moved on, I finished high school and the process has been endless. Retouching, setting, treating. The process is a cycle. Caring for relaxed hair has its perks but also having natural african hair takes courage. So today I embark on my journey to make my hair all african, all natural. Embracing the hair that God and my mama gave me.

I will be slowly trimming my hair and taking pictures for all to see the process. I remember how my natural hair was and it was nice, so I want to go back to the old days. It’s an emotional journey, letting go of my straightened relaxed hair for my tough, curly african hair. I will share my pictures of the process. This might take about 1 – 2 years to fully recover by I will be trimming my hair slowly by slowly as I accept the new hair which is my african hair to emerge out.

I hope to look like this lady below in the next 5 months as my afro grows. Wish me luck world.

What my afro should look like in 5 months, with a straw set


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