Time…time…time is our greatest asset

21 Jun

TIME is our greatest asset

Time is our greatest asset, yet greatest enemy at the same time. So you have to use this asset wisely. Time waits for no man. When an opportunity comes, you grab it and see how you can use to get to your destination. It could be success. So far, my journey is to reach the ultimate success be it in starting my own family, providing for them and my career. You define what your success is, it could be ” being the youngest C.E.O or the youngest millionaire.” The only thing we can’t control is time. Regardless of your shape colour, shape, age or size, time will keep moving on. It doesn’t wait for anyone. I’ve decided to use my time wisely so as to retire early from this “hustling” and start enjoying life and manage the assets I have. i.e. my cute future son, who will become the next “Mariga” of his days. So if I pull the strings right, I may just retire at 40 when he’s career kicks off. Alternatively, make my daughter an “Angelina Jolie” and become her manager like Kris Jenner who manages the Kardashian family. 🙂 We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so live today like it was your last and utilize your time to your greatest ability.

I therefore vow to eradicate the “time wasters” in my life. If it’s a certain friend, or activity that’s stopping you from getting to your goal. REMOVE IT ASAP, or let it waste your time.

We all travel through life and gain experiences that no man can describe. If you had one day to live, what is it that you would accomplish now that you didn’t accomplish then. What is it in life that you would do now that would be different if you could re-live your life?

I’m going to use my time wisely. So if anyone stops me from getting to my goal, the right words to use are “GET OUT OF MY WAY BEFORE I *()*&@%$^ YOU”

Peace and have a lovely week guys.


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