Transition from relaxed to natural hair

5 Jul

It has been about a month of research since I decided to cut my relaxed hair. For those who don’t know what relaxed hair is (dudes), it is straightened hair. I’m going to be travelling soon and to reduce on my budget I decided to chop off the unnecessary because keeping relaxed hair is a lot of maintenance and in the long run I’m better off keeping my natural hair. So I decided to give it a head start. My aim was to still look sexy with my natural hair as I did with relaxed hair. Doing endless research with my girlfriend google, I found out that you can do a straw set on natural hair.

P.S: Do not cut your hair unless you want to. I did, so I did so. I waited to have “growth” for 6 months.

So have a look at my initial hair:

My hair before cutting and after unbraiding the previous night till

Then i went to the saloon. So I thought my way to transition to my new look, I decided to try out dyeing it red first. So my saloonist cut off some of my relaxed hair, then applied the first die, to neutralize and so that the red die would be very prominent. So we had to dye my hair a golden blonde colour first.

Application of Blonde Colour

My saloonist “Ciiru” kept a shower cup and kept my under the drier so that the colour could catch quickly as she was checking every minutes to see how it was. After that this was the result:

After fully Blonde Colour is applied

She washed it off. And oh my doesn’t hydrogen peroxide stink….lol. Anyway so after washing, I went back to the dryer and then kept the “red dye colour” that I wanted. Same process was applied as for “the blonde” color. And this is the result. So always remember if you have black hair, it is wise if you want a red hair colour to come out, first dye your hair blonde then apply the colour you want..i.e Red, in my case. After keeping the red colour, She washed off the die, treated my hair with motions “deep penetrating” conditioner and washed it off and I was ready to go 🙂

Here is the result for the red colour

Final result I'm a red-head






2 Responses to “Transition from relaxed to natural hair”

  1. Lee July 5, 2011 at 9:50 am #

    What about the straw set look how’d you get to that? Looks very stylish I love.

    • miriamwanda July 5, 2011 at 9:55 am #

      I will post that today evening, there are so many pictures. This is just step one. I will upload today evening guaranteed. Thanks for your comment Lee.

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