Pressure.. Pressure.. Pressure

25 Apr

Remember for every pressurized system, there needs to be a relief valve or some sort of relief system. I don’t know what your’s is, but mine is a good round of good old laughter. I can laugh me way out of a stressful situation because in the long run. The reality stops you from seeing the other side of the coin. Point is, your kid pooped their gutt out and you know you’ll have to clean it up. The funny way of thinking about it is. You look at them in the eye’s when they are giggling in your face and say, “Someday you’ll be doing the same for me, when I’m old and have no teeth and you are going to enjoy every bit of it, just like I am right now”.

Sometimes life gets you down, but if you choose to let that take you down. You’ll never know how to get back up. You’ll never know what works and what doesn’t. The reason we make mistakes is so we learn from them. And haven’t my mistakes sometimes been very expensive on my pocket, but you know what. I learnt NEVER TO DO IT AGAIN. If there is a plan A there is a PLAN B. So go out there kick ass. Next week Tuesday and Thursday I’ll be doing my General and Airframe oral and practical exam. I ain’t afraid of it. I am nervous but I’m taking it head on, full force. BRING IT ON!!!!! It doesn’t scare me at all anymore. I’m going to kick ass and come out with an A. Because that’s just what I do best. All I do is win…



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