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My Life is Nothing Without You

30 Mar

DSC00837 copy

Dear God,

I wake up confused sometimes wondering, what my life is worth? Is it worth the money I have earned? Is it worth the cars I have owned? I am a good person. Everyday, I wake up with goals. I set my goals and plan my life. At the end of the day, I end up feeling empty and alone even though I have many friends and people around. I feel unsatisfied. Why is it like that Lord? Is there something wrong?

I watch the news and see people suffering, people dieing. I’m like, “What do I do?”. But then again, how can I help?

Because every time I help someone, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. Like a breeze of life has been given to me. When I help someone, I feel like my life is much stronger, like my life has more meaning.

So I have come some to the conclusion that life is nothing, pointless and a mere speck of dust unless I do what you want me to do. You gave me my talents, but my talents nothing if I don’t do what you want me to do with them and also if I don’t do your WILL. Everyday, I struggle with my conscience, wondering if I made someone feel better or worse after they met me. I don’t want to make anyone despise you. I want someone to feel better after they talk to me. I want them to see you through me. I want to be just like you God. You brought yourself on earth through your son so that I may LIVE again. Jesus could have chosen to be a super star, but he choose to put himself in the people’s shoes. He focused on his mission just like ‘iron man’. He’s goal was to save us. So whenever I am sad or feel alone, I will remember that you are God, and you are Good. You are everything and I am nothing without you.





My thoughts on life

20 Mar

So far, I can say that life is not a rosy picture at all. Ofcourse.. dah… You have to jump through a few hoops, drive on a few bumps and roller coasters before you reach your destination.
You have to fight sooo hard to get what you want. It’s a battle, God is on your side and the devil is trying to pull you down. So who wins??? I say, let God take control. I am between a rock and a hard place but I am certain that every problem has an expiration date.

You are what you say you are…

30 May

In everything I have done. I discovered, the only person who limits you is yourself. You can choose what you want to do in life. If you really want to be e.g. a doctor, you can do it. as long as you put the effort. The more the effort, the more the results. I’ve taken a step in my life that not many people do. It’s very scary moving from one career to another, but I always console myself that I’m young. Time waits for no one. Always remember that in your brain. You time is precious and it waits for nobody. I can’t recover the last 24 hours of my life. It’s all about soaking in the good moments to make good memories and learning from your mistakes so that you don’t repeat the same thing over again. “Fool my once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME!!”, so the saying goes. I totally agree with that because you are the driver of your car. Why let some IDIOT drive it for you? Take the driver’s seat in your life because you are the only thing stopping you from success. No one else. Everybody says ,”I don’t have the money”, and I say that is a bunch of bullshit excuse. Yes,  Money does help you but it’s not a reason or an excuse that you should back out of your dream. Get your ass up and go after what you want!!!! Period!!!! Don’t look for an excuse because that’s for losers. Every time, just wake up and say, “I can do this!!!!!”.

Everything I’ve done in life is a step towards reaching my goal. I know what I want everyday that it scares me. Be like the guy from “The Pursuit for Happiness”. Chris Gardner is a very good example of how nothing should let you make an excuse for making it in life. The guy was homeless with his first son, and is now a multi-millionaire. Please google him to find out more, or I will do my research on him and post it on my blog.

Life throws you lemons, make some lemonade. When you fall, you pick yourself up! I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for God and the loving family he kept around me to “spank” my butt into shape. I am who I am, not only because of God but my mother. She is a single parent, has taken care of me on her own. So I did not have any other option but to make it. I didn’t want to waste my mother’s effort and time in my life. I would like to think of myself as an investment or fixed deposit waiting to mature. I must say that this fixed deposit is about to mature. Time reveals everything. You’ll see that time will reveal everything. I know I got all the ingredients, so bring it on!!!

I say go out there and do your thing. Kick some butt!!!!

Have a blessed week. 🙂

I am officially an Airframe Mechanic ( U.S Only)

11 May

God is great. All praise to him, last saturday after a long grilling test 15 hours on doing both my General and Airframe Orals and Practicals, I passed my exam. I can officially work on the Airframe bit of any US registered aircrafts. hallelujah!!! I have been in class for the past 8 months studying for this. A course that is done in 2 – 3 years, I’m doing it in 1 year. So you can imagine the pressure at hand, the expectations to meet. My visions and my goals. I never thought I could get here, considering that I have no experience or background in aviation.

Well incase you don’t know what the “Airframe” is. It’s to do with the structure of the plane, the major part of its electrical system, the hydraulic/ Pneumatic system, its assembly and rigging and much more ( ask me this question later or check on google).  It takes a lot to engineer an aircraft and it also takes a lot to maintain it and keep it in service. I definitely appreciate people who can cover a plane with fabric, people who are capable of trouble shooting a system and much more. As a mechanic, all the glory seems to go to the Pilot. Well he/she has done a good job, there is a lot that went on to put the plane in the air. Everyone plays a vital role to making you have a safe journey. Any error made by the maintenance guy, will reflect on the pilot flying the plane and could in turn cause casualties. My point in case is, if you really want to become an aircraft mechanic, (DONT DO IT FOR THE MONEY). Make sure your heart is there because, your error will kill people. The most important factor to consider in the aviation industry is the “Human Factor”. We are human beings, but we must reduce the error to the minimum in fact there should be no error whatsoever.

I’m glad and happy I received my airframe license from SMAT (school of missionary aviation technology). But at the same time, I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. I must always do my job right or people might die because of something small I overlooked.

Conclusion, I am so happy I’ve got my airframe exam out of my way. Phewww!!! Now I need to get my Power plant by the end of July 🙂 My next step, after that it’s flying.

Have a blessed week guys 😉

Pressure.. Pressure.. Pressure

25 Apr

Remember for every pressurized system, there needs to be a relief valve or some sort of relief system. I don’t know what your’s is, but mine is a good round of good old laughter. I can laugh me way out of a stressful situation because in the long run. The reality stops you from seeing the other side of the coin. Point is, your kid pooped their gutt out and you know you’ll have to clean it up. The funny way of thinking about it is. You look at them in the eye’s when they are giggling in your face and say, “Someday you’ll be doing the same for me, when I’m old and have no teeth and you are going to enjoy every bit of it, just like I am right now”.

Sometimes life gets you down, but if you choose to let that take you down. You’ll never know how to get back up. You’ll never know what works and what doesn’t. The reason we make mistakes is so we learn from them. And haven’t my mistakes sometimes been very expensive on my pocket, but you know what. I learnt NEVER TO DO IT AGAIN. If there is a plan A there is a PLAN B. So go out there kick ass. Next week Tuesday and Thursday I’ll be doing my General and Airframe oral and practical exam. I ain’t afraid of it. I am nervous but I’m taking it head on, full force. BRING IT ON!!!!! It doesn’t scare me at all anymore. I’m going to kick ass and come out with an A. Because that’s just what I do best. All I do is win…


Dear Diary…

18 Apr

It’s been a while since my last confession but I though instead of pictures. Let me use words. I “gotta make the song cry”  as Jay-Z would say. I’ve been taking a turning point in my life. Everyday something new to learn about myself and others. It’s amazing how much you can get to know about someone especially when you see them from a distance and watch. In life you think you’ve got everything in check but there will come that point when you’ll plan, plan and plan. But nothing will com through because guess what. “God” plans it for you.

You go ahead and plan your life, but He plans it for you. You think you are going in the right direction, and maybe you are but maybe you’re not. So ask yourself this funny yet serious question?. “what the heck am I doing?”, “Why am I doing it”, and ” What if it doesn’t fall to plan?”. These are the questions that have been going on in my head and I’ve decided to let go and let God take control because sometimes no matter how hard you push. God will turn your effort into what He wants it to be. We are all part of this cycle, this destiny. Somehow I’d like to feel we are part of this butterfly effect. All stringed together and at some point you will get to the “peak” of your purpose. I don’t know what you believe in but I truly believe in the power of thee of the almighty. He is the one. The Alpha and the Omega. make not doubt about that. I don’t know what affiliation you fall under but fact remains we still all believe in ONE GOD. One source. Our hope and faith all goes towards him.

Now, I don’t know where I will be tomorrow or the day after but all I know is I’ll still be following my dream while still making sure I pray  and hope that it’s in accordance with His will for my life. Because I may plan but it is all in vain unless He want it and says that’s what it is for me. So next time you pray don’t be selfish in praying for your needs, squeeze some for others and prays that it is in His will for you.

Funny though, all the “robbers” out there pray that they will not get caught. The “cheaters” pray they will not get caught. Somewhere someone is praying for something ridiculous , so please think before you ask God for anything. And be very careful what you say coz “so as a man thinks and says, so will he be”

Peace, have a lovely week.

Still waters run deep…

10 Apr

This easter was wonderful. Enjoyed every drop of it. Just thought I should share my shots of it. Spring is a beautiful time because that’s when the flowers bloom, the grass comes out and the birds sing along.

This has been a week of re-evaluation for me. I had the time to come at peace with what I am doing. God works in mysterious ways. If there is one thing I’ve learnt it, enjoy every breathe you take. You never know if will wake up tomorrow. I stared death in the face this easter, but God is one good God.

This was the highlight of my easter. Enjoy!! Have a wonderful and blessed week.


Dallas and Chicago

20 Mar

It doesn’t matter which camera you use to do your photography. The key factor is the skill. Obviously there are those camera’s that have much more to offer than the rest but the key factor is skill. I took some pics with my Sony cam, 7.2 megapixel. This is what she had to show:

Random yet interesting. My girlfriend Wangechi... love this girl 🙂

The landscape from above

Clouds.. Clouds.. Clouds

From the wing of an EMB (Embraier)

Slats are out, preparing for descent. This allows more airflow to the bottom of the airfoil across the leading edge, being that the speed has been reduced. I love planes.

Cloud nine 😉

Chicago, IL. The view from the side of the wing 😉

Alaska Airlines. I love the emo stencil on the rudder.

Breath taking moment.

Well that’s all for now. I love photography.

Have a blessed week filled with inspiration for a better future.

Define it or we’re on to the next one who will…

14 Mar

So in life, I’ve learnt two things. There are things you can control and there those things you can’t control. What I mean is, we have planned out a course in life. I believe we decide what path we want to go for regardless of where you are and what you do. I on the other feel like life has a wonderful way of making us reach our destiny. Take for example, I woke up today and planned that I would be in Grand Rapids, MI by 4.35pm, but God planned something different. The pilot announced after we boarded the plane that there was a “maintenance” problem. I was so pissed off and angry. So they ended up cancelling our flight, in the process I made a friend. We had so much in common, I was shocked as to “where have you been all my life”.  After the airline wasting “7 hours” of my life. I decided to whoo sahh and look at it positively. Contacted my “zen” which is my positive energy and relaxed. After a wonderful weekend in Dallas, TX I wasn’t about to let some airline spoil. I’m not mentioning names at the moment because I’m bigger than that. Thing is, I spent 3 hours with my new friend (it’s a girl BTW) so stop putting thoughts in your head.  She has a crazy life and crazy schedule. She procrastinates on time. She’s always late for class, late for almost everything. For grammar purposes, I’m going to call my friend “Lisa”. Lisa is twenty-seven years old, lives in the city and over time I got to find more than I asked.

I found out something about women and our men. In relationships, we generally have to define what it is. I don’t know what kind of relationship you’re in currently but you have to define whether your going out. Is he your boyfriend? Should we take it to the next step? Where do we go from here? All these questions popped up in my brain and I was like, we need to sort this pending issue out.  So many women are in relationships/ friendships and you don’t know what it is. Is he my guy? Is he my good friend bed buddy? Is he my bed buddy?

You spend time with this person everyday or most of the time and you haven’t gotten a sign whether he’s your man or not, I say all this because you could find yourself five years down the lane with someone waiting for him to pop the question and he still isn’t showing any signs of doing it. Point in case, if you love her; put a ring on it because someone else will  (like beyonce said). I ‘m pro  woman so I don’t want you to make the mistake of staying with someone who isn’t ready to define what it is. And if you’re in a “good friend bed buddy” situation, have fun while it lasts because at one point you’ll still have to define it whether or not you like it. That is if your “bed buddy” situation lasts. I on the other hand have decided to sort of define where I am in my relationship. So many things are happening in my life. Great things are about to happen this year, so watch out world. I’m coming.!!

Have a blessed week.

Vintage with a hint of Instagram style

5 Mar

Scenes from my past. I did some editing on these. This weekend was full of inspiration. I love photography.

I took this a year a go. I love this shot because it’s blue hues stand out. I did a bit of editing to it.

This is the white sand hotel, Mombasa. Lovely place ti be. I love the defined color.

Beautiful view. Now this is the place I want to go back to.

Looks like a painting. Interesting shot from me. I love the sea and all that comes with it.

The side cabana near the pool. They have amazing shots, and by shots i mean “shots”.

Have a lovely week guys.