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I am officially an Airframe Mechanic ( U.S Only)

11 May

God is great. All praise to him, last saturday after a long grilling test 15 hours on doing both my General and Airframe Orals and Practicals, I passed my exam. I can officially work on the Airframe bit of any US registered aircrafts. hallelujah!!! I have been in class for the past 8 months studying for this. A course that is done in 2 – 3 years, I’m doing it in 1 year. So you can imagine the pressure at hand, the expectations to meet. My visions and my goals. I never thought I could get here, considering that I have no experience or background in aviation.

Well incase you don’t know what the “Airframe” is. It’s to do with the structure of the plane, the major part of its electrical system, the hydraulic/ Pneumatic system, its assembly and rigging and much more ( ask me this question later or check on google).  It takes a lot to engineer an aircraft and it also takes a lot to maintain it and keep it in service. I definitely appreciate people who can cover a plane with fabric, people who are capable of trouble shooting a system and much more. As a mechanic, all the glory seems to go to the Pilot. Well he/she has done a good job, there is a lot that went on to put the plane in the air. Everyone plays a vital role to making you have a safe journey. Any error made by the maintenance guy, will reflect on the pilot flying the plane and could in turn cause casualties. My point in case is, if you really want to become an aircraft mechanic, (DONT DO IT FOR THE MONEY). Make sure your heart is there because, your error will kill people. The most important factor to consider in the aviation industry is the “Human Factor”. We are human beings, but we must reduce the error to the minimum in fact there should be no error whatsoever.

I’m glad and happy I received my airframe license from SMAT (school of missionary aviation technology). But at the same time, I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. I must always do my job right or people might die because of something small I overlooked.

Conclusion, I am so happy I’ve got my airframe exam out of my way. Phewww!!! Now I need to get my Power plant by the end of July 🙂 My next step, after that it’s flying.

Have a blessed week guys 😉